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The Notorious Irish fist, from plumber to the biggest MMA draw in the history of the sport. What is the Conor McGregor story?  

Born from working-class family, this is a story of a man that was willing to bet on himself. It is said a week before his UFC debut fight, the Irishman had picked up a check of EUR 188 to get by. And once he fought, he not only won. But he also got the bonus prize money of $60,000 during the night.  

This however was not the beginning of the “The Notorious” Irish fist career. It was only the beginning of the return in investment of the Irishman. From all the time he had put on training. There is a story that Connor McGregor had an intense argument with his father, when he abandoned his job as a plumber to become a full-time fighter. Amongst the words he told his father was, “You’ll be sorry when I am a millionaire.”  

Whether true or not, whatever the critics say about Conor McGregor, that he was got favours from Dana White. The Irishman has always been willing to bet on himself. The UFC has many spectacular fighters, but Conor McGregor has brought more than the tough image of a fighter to the table. With his sharp tongue he gained the attention and backed his words with amazing performances against great fighters, who once he defeated them were never really the same. Boxing has Muhammad Ali, mma has Conor McGregor, in terms of star factor. 

Many people still scorn this man who after great losses to the likes Nate Diaz and even Khabib came back with tremendous performances. His dismantling of Cowboy in few seconds, striking him his shoulder had MMA fans in awe. Something they had never witnessed. The story continues as next year fans are waiting impatiently for UFC 257 where he will take on Dustin Poirier. 



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