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Derrick Lewis demolished Curtis Blaydes this past weekend, and after his UFC clash at Las Vegas. The UFC fighter said in the press conference, “I am the best heavyweight, and I should get a title fight! LIKE YESTERDAY!” ending with a raised tone in the voice. He described Dana White as a dumb cue ball fool how does not improve fighters. And that cancer to MMA and the UFC. He said if he does not get a title fight, he will claim to be a woman. “With this madness of man becoming-woman, I will become a woman and destroy Nunes,” he added, wearing nothing but a bikini and wing. He then angrily flipped Dana White as he left.

“I never understand why UFC creates new guys, not fighters, but guys! Like it’s going to be a girl or guy. Guys just being thrown out!” Lewis said. He then declared his feelings of MMA, “I have one wish: I am gonna destroy Dana.”

“What they do to me, they can’t get a fighter. I mean, me? They gave me steroids. Cancer. They gave me steroids. They gave me steroids to get me sick.

To get me out of the fight,” he said. Real quick facts: Derrick Lewis aka, ‘The Black Beast’ is undefeated and only needs 1 more fight to reach heavyweight title bout With one more win, the Lewis vs Ngannou battle will be officially booked and will have him in a UFC heavyweight championship fight.

He said, “After my fight against Francis, I am gonna get the title fight. I think Francis has a fight next. I think he has to do a title fight because he has no fight. He got a fight. What am I supposed to do?

I have to fight him. I am hoping to get him next. He has a real tough fight. They need a tough fight for him.” “They need a good heavyweight to fight him. I hope they fight me. But I guess they’re going to give the title fight to somebody,” he ended.

It’s now up to Dana White to confirm or deny his claims. Real quick facts: Derrick Lewis calls out former UFC champ, Jon Jones And he called out former champion Jon Jones. “I am trying to fight the best guys,” he said. “So I can’t get in there with a dummy. I have the talent and I am looking to break that record of the longest streak of wins. I want to break all the records.”


The information from this post was written by an anonymous drunk and are not the thoughts of DeadlyDuels Media. Read at your peril. And if you take this “news” seriously, then you need help. Your only reaction should be laughter.



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