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“REPEATED TURN OF THE HEAD,” is the fourth form of Ba Duan Jin. As per the video below, this is the version taught to me by my Shifu, Dr Jeff Lan.

Below is a quote from THE BADUANJIN MANUAL OF JIN TISHENG-translated by Paul Brennan’s translation:

“Here is a method of strengthening the body to prevent death.”

– Yue Fei


Once you are done with the 3rd form of Ba Duan Jin, as per the video, the hands come up behind. The fingers of both hands are slightly curled. The thumbs gently touching, so are the knuckles, make sure your fingers are relaxed and including the thumbs. The feet are shoulder-width, within the shoulders.


Starting with the left side, you inhale turning your hand gently to the left, with the eyes moving smoothly and not focusing on an object. Holding on to your breath, you exhale when turning back to the front and the inhale again as you turn to the right. Throughout the form, one must breathe from Dantian below the navel. Inhaling gently and exhaling gently, with the same timing and in coordination with the movements of the head. When your head is either on the left or the right, pretend you are looking at the opposite shoulder. If you are turned to the left, then imagine in your mind and not physically that you are looking at your right shoulder. And if you are looking at your right shoulder, you pretend that you are looking at your left shoulder.

The fourth form of Ba Duan Jin is said to “cure exhaustion”-removing mental fatigue, calming the nervous system. It is also reported that it assists with the respiratory and circulatory system.

The calming of the mind of this exercise is said to heal one from daily excesses. It is thought with extreme happiness or excitement affects the heart. And the fourth form assists with the fatigue.

The post was written by Narcisse Sadi, a qualified 1st Duan Instructor in Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan (Cheng Man Ching lineage) and Health Qi Gong. He is a Tudi (officially recognised student) of Dr Jeff Lan (residing in Cape Town) who runs the Kim Loong Kwoon-



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