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Following the second form of Baduanjin, is the third part. Using the version of Baduanjin taught to me by Shifu, Dr Jeff Lan. The third form is called, “Holding Up A Single Hand.”

Below is a quote from THE BADUANJIN MANUAL OF JIN TISHENG-translated by Paul Brennan’s translation:

“Here is a method of strengthening the body to prevent death.”

– Yue Fei

In Paul Brennan’s translation of Jin Tisheng’s Baduanjin manual, the 3rd form is translated to be titled, “Rejuvenate your digestive organs by sending a hand propping up.

The title immediately hints at the benefits of the 3rd section of Baduanjin, it assists in improving the digestive system, stimulating the stomach and spleen. The movements involve the simultaneous movement of one hand moving up and the other moving down. These movements enhance the peristaltic movements of the digestive tract and allow the “exercising” of the two organs mentioned above.

Once you are done with the 2nd form; your head is facing the right. You come up as you place your feet within shoulder width. Your hand with the palms facing down come in front, in line with the shoulders and then slowly come down as you place your feet within a shoulder’s width. Yours exhale as to perform these actions in one motion (use the video as a guideline).

Starting with the left hand it starts spiralling up, palm up and you twist your body 45 to the right, inhaling and the left-hand goes up to the right and then out to left. There is a subtle coiling in and then coiling out spiralling motion throughout the form. The right hand in the first part simultaneously is out to the right, palm down. And the wrist is slightly tense parallel to the ground. And then when you exhale, you twist the body back to the right, the right hand’s palm will be facing the elbow of the left hand. And then you the left hand is slowly moving down and the right coming up as twisting out 45 to the left as you exhale and as the right hand comes up, there is an inhalation. The right-hand goes out to the right (refer to the video). Repeat the form 6x.

The post was written by Narcisse Sadi, a qualified 1st Duan Instructor in Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan (Cheng Man Ching lineage) and Health Qi Gong. He is a Tudi (officially recognised student) of Dr Jeff Lan (residing in Cape Town) who runs the Kim Loong Kwoon-



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