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We will discuss the second part of classical Ba Duan Jin, carrying on from the first form.

Below is a quote from THE BADUANJIN MANUAL OF JIN TISHENG-translated by Paul Brennan’s translation:

“Here is a method of strengthening the body to prevent death.”

Yue Fei

The second form is said to focus on the thorax

2. Bow and arrow shoots eagle.

Basic Theory:

The second form is said to focus on the thorax and waist/hips; strengthening the muscles in those areas including those of the shoulders and arms. This is said to improve respiration and blood circulation. The movement of the eyes as they follow the index finger as the “bow is drawn” is said to improve the mobility of the eyes and being able to concentrate the eyes.


Once you are done with the first form (please see post of first form if you are not familiar with this Classical Ba Duan Jin sequence). Your hands open from being in a hollow fist and then come in front of the dantian as you inhale expanding the dantian with the hands coming up. The hands are crossed, and the right hand is in front of the left, with the hands in line with the shoulders.

Pulling the bow

When you pull the bow, your right hand does the pulling, the fingers mimic a pulling motion like you are doing a tiger claw. The left hand’s index finger is straightened, and all the other fingers are curled. The three fingers should have enough space to fit a small pen. The left hand extends out (see video); make sure not to hype extend the hand. Its one inhalation, if you struggle to breathe first focus on the physical movement.

The head follows the left hand’s index finger with the eyes following the extension, this is where the eyes are exercised.

You exhale and allow the hands to go down and then inhale with the left hand now in front as you cross your hands. And do the same motion on the right, repeat six times. Going to the left is one count and the right the second (refer to video)

The post was written by Narcisse Sadi, a qualified 1st Duan Instructor in Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan (Cheng Man Ching lineage) and Health Qi Gong. He is a Tudi (officially recognised student) of Dr Jeff Lan (residing in Cape Town) who runs the Kim Loong Kwoon-



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