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Will Conor McGregor BEAT Dustin Poirier?

Will Conor McGregor BEAT Dustin Poirier? The pre-fight conference to the Conor vs Dustin fight trilogy revealed one thing, that Conor McGregor is back.

What we saw is that he was not there to make friends but to take heads, the Conor of old. You would not think it was a multimillionaire out there but a man that was hungry.

In the second fight between Conor and Dustin, Conor was prepared in all facets but one, the calf kicks. He had no answer to it and succumbed to defeat.

His lack of trash talking was not the reason, he lost because Dustin started to deploy the calf kicks. Weak legs mean weak mobility, weak mobility leads to defeat. McGregor may have won the first round of that fight. But the second round Dustin remained consistent, and Conor got folded.

What we witnessed in the pre-conference fight is a hungry Conor. The man has lost something, and he wants it back.

For us it a fight for Conor to win, and psychologically at one moment, Dustin commented. And Conor kept quiet, he did not say anything. The silence was not weakness, maybe brewing anger or his preparedness to win this fight.

Dustin is a great fighter, but his first fight against Conor had the “favourite of Lafayette” seem bothered psychologically he had already lost the fight. Conor had gotten in the skin. What Conor should have learned from the first fight is that to beat Dustin. He must get under Dustin’s skin like in the first fight.

If he had Dustin unhinged like the first fight, maybe the outcome would have been different. Conor came in this pre-fight conference, not just trash talking. But psychologically getting under is adversary’s skin. And you can see how Dustin is a fighter who does not seem comfortable under the spotlight. Maybe he tries to keep it real. Let see what happens this weekend.

Who do you think will win this fight?

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