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Having lost against Khabib Nurmagedov and losing the title, the Irishman realised like Rocky in Rocky 3. He had lost, ‘They Eye of Tiger”. The predatory instinct and the focus a tiger or a lion has once it launches on its prey.

When he took on the likes of the Cowboy Cerrone and dismantled Cowboy within seconds. From a shoulder strike to a knee, Conor McGregor stunned the world. And as for Cowboy Cerrone, he did not know what had just happened. This performance was already of foreshadowing of Dustin’s defeat.

How is this true?

Conor McGregor in all his victories has surprised his opponents and when they were equal, he used the edge he has over his opponents and demolished them. The same machinery that has him creatively harass and trash talk him opponents to usual defeats. Is something that he transfers to his fighting. Conor McGregor is he once said, “I have a high fighting IQ”.

Forget the antics, listen to the man, listen past the theatrics. When you observe the Irishman, you catch glimpses of truth. From using innovative ways to train, hiring the likes of Ido Portal to improve his movement. Pundits never took the time, to understand why it is the likes of Conor McGregor can execute accurate knockout strikes. It is not luck or random that he destroyed elite UFC champions such as Aldo.

His smart training, and understanding of tactics of managing distance, is what set him apart. Maybe if he maintained his discipline. The man may have beaten Khabib. He realised that he had got drunk in his fame. But the performance at UFC 257 tonight, shows that Dustin Poirier surprised us all. Vicious leg kicks led to Conor’s defeat. By destroying Connor’s

The first fight against the two, Conor was a loudmouth, up and coming Irish fighter, with a large following from his countrymen. And he rocked Dustin, displaying this exact high fight IQ he has over his opponent. The result tonight however, at UFC 257, leaves certain pundits dumbfounded. Dustin Poirier has shown that he is a force to be reckoned with.



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