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Hate him or love him. There is no doubt the Irishman is the UFC’s most iconic superstar. He rose to prominence with the organisation, overshadowing the stars of the past. Those who do not fancy him, miss the point.

What is this point?

It is the fact that no one from MMA or the UFC has had his global imprint. He is recognised worldwide even by those who do not watch MMA. This is a factor in deciding is one is a superstar. It is a universal principle that brings to the fore what a superstar is. Someone who goes beyond just being known in their respective domain, of which they dominate.

This stardom factor is due to his charisma and madness in the octagon. A prediction he made when he got signed in the UFC, entering like a storm and with his boldness and ambition.

His rise has been Napoleonic, and so was his decline. Nevertheless, different from the French Emperor. The Irishman rose from the ashes after his crushing defeat from the hands of Khabib Nurmagedov and demolished the likes of Cowboy Cerrone. This is was done in a short time, shocking the world. Not because of the victory, but because of how he made easy work of the whole thing. Too Conor fans he was back, to his critics, Cowboy was washed up.

Conor McGregor, due to having a large army of Irish fans supporting him and coming to watch his fights, may have made him a favourite of Dana White. He brought in a lot of money, but he handled the pressure and took on formidable opponents who he defeated. His first crushing lost was against Nate Diaz, and then he won in the rematch. And after defeating Eddie Alvarez, he was then set as a titan. It was not enough, an undefeated behemoth in the likes of Khabib Nurmagedov was next. With all the trash-talking and antics, Conor was defeated by Khabib. Choked out, but not out of the UFC.

The last time a fighter had such an appeal, was Muhammad Ali, but the Irishman has done so, with his flavour, his greatness, his madness. Hate him or love him, it is an undying fact, that the Irishman is the UFC and MMA’s biggest star. 



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