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Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. is happening this 28th of November, and if we could go back in time before this year started. And you were to be told, say mid-year of 2019 that two legends of boxing were going to fight it out next year, sometime in November. Now, imagine you were not told who these two legends were. Naturally, your first question would be, “Who are the legends?”



You are then immediately answered, “Mike Tyson will be taking on Roy Jones Jr.” You will be laughing and telling whoever is giving you this information to go fly a kite! Because during that time of 2019 you may have seen Mike Tyson’s podcast of “Hotboxin” and realise that he was overweight at that time or not in boxing shape. As for Roy Jones Jr., he was still active in the gym training his fighters.

Some would have believed a pandemic that will lockdown most of the world and drive half of the world insane, before believing Mike Tyson will take on Roy Jones Jr. But if we examine clips from social media and even Mike Tyson’s “Hotboxin’” you would see that he was slowly getting in shape. The hints however where were the different videos of him tutoring current fighters and displaying that even at his age he still had the movement.

He would switch sides display how he would throw the hooks with deadly intention. These were the hints that Mike Tyson was preparing for a fight. The secret of the upcoming bout was right in front of our eyes.

So next week Saturday, it is happening, although an “exhibition” and it is only eight rounds. If you have watched Joe Rogan or kept your ears to the ground. You can see that it will be a clash. A fight between two of the greatest knockout artists.

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