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What is Bruce Lee’s Natural Unnaturalness? 

Or Unnatural naturalness? As Bruce Lee said it in an interview as per the video below.  During the interview it is summed up by the man interviewing him as Yin and Yang; The unification of the two. Bruce Lee speaks of control and instinct and how the two need to be combined. And one should not be to the extremes, too much control leads to a “mechanical man” and relying too much on the other makes one “too unscientific”.


Yin and Yang are relativistic concepts of Daoist philosophy one must not forget and are not absolute concepts. One thing can be yin in comparison to another thing that is yang. And the same thing that is Yin can be Yang in comparison to another thing. Another explanation would be if you had a building with five floors. The second floor will be Yang relative to the first floor and yin relative to the third floor.

However, what Bruce Lee is alluding to in the interview is a reference to what is known in traditional Chinese Martial arts as Xīn and yì.

These two terms are terms you would come across when studying internal traditional Chinese martial arts. There is the style of Xin Yi Quan its myriad of versions from Xing Yi Quan to Yi Quan.


Refers to the emotions or for some the ego, nonetheless, to be clear when referring to emotions it is the monkey mind. The mind arising from our reptilian brain, or our animal self, what makes a human an animal like any other. It is here that the instinct to protect, survive and much more comes from. It is here that our instinct arises from and it is a part of us that is guided by our emotions. Our logical mind sometimes justifies the actions arising from our monkey mind.

This is your wisdom mind, the part where you think, the logical mind. It can also be translated as intent in English.

By harmonising both minds, one establishes a state of calmness, that internally relaxes the tendons, ligaments, and sinews. And the warrior whose mind is calmer and more present and not riddled with over-thought or pant up emotions, is more in favour to win a fight.

A lot can be written about the above concepts and, but one really grasps it with daily practice.



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