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UFC 249 had a major surprise, and a theme of resilience, resilience in the organisation’s Dana White wanting relentlessly to put on this show. Even if the main card was supposed to have Khabib vs Ferguson and instead Justin came in as a replacement. For the connoisseurs of the world of MMA unlike the common fan, this fight looked on paper as Tony most likely to win it. Given the fact that Justin had a short window to prepare for Tony Ferguson, coming in as a replacement. Yet, Justin volunteered and defeated Tony Ferguson in a shocking TKO that build up strike after strike, round after round.

To Tony’s defence he does mention after the fight, that they prepared for a wrestler (Khabib) since November. So maybe, as is evident with the loss, the person with the conditions to his favour was Justin. A wrestler by origin, he has built a history of unleashing deadly punches with deadly intent. He used to fight like a brawler and this is revealed to be due to his poor eyesight after undergoing an eye surgery, his striking with the hands still have a deadly intent but his eating less punches; simply because he can see much better.

He was euphoric how his improved vision has refined his fighting style or ability. But much important, is the word intent. Justin Gaethje does not just punch with deadly intent, his whole movement as a fighter depends on it. As he told Megan Olivi during the interview, that he was not trying to think about his movements, it is all ‘reaction’ his not “watching the fight there” because his a “step behind”.

When one thinks his or her movements are slowed down by milliseconds and if against an opponent more in tune in a flow state, they will take advantage of this weakness. The fact that Justin mentions he was ready to die with the intent of to destroy (simply attacking) this carries a lot of power, with the added an adrenaline, a factor that is inevitable he was able to launch an onslaught. “There is no time to be processing”-Justin simply reacted and attacked now he was not berserk, his mind and body simply processed what was in front of him Tony Ferguson.

心 怡 Xīn Yí

In traditional Chinese martial arts is the concept of Xin and Yi, one can define them simplistically for an idea of understanding, as “Xin” being the emotional mind or your emotions. And for the sake of this post “Yi” can be translated as intent. When the two are harmonised, a warrior is invincible. And the one to lose among two adversaries is the one who has this more at imbalance.  Justin again during the interview mentions how had to control his emotion when he was getting excited (xin) knowing he was winning. And his mention of not processing during the fight and just moving (“reacting”) this is intent. Thoughts, processing, hinders one’s movements causing mild paralysis.

When humans get used to a movement, they do not think each step, they simply do it, like riding a bicycle or driving a car or what we all know walking.



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