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Every UFC or MMA fan is patiently waiting for these two gladiators to step into the octagon and clash it out. The coronavirus pandemic has devastated and changed everyday life, and while one third of the global population is on lock down, Dana White has promised that this bout is still going to happen. It has been put off so many times, however among the many questions, where is this fight going to happen?

Now the fight will weirdly have all the spectators tuning on their screens as the fight will only feature the fighters, their team and the commentators, including other needed peoples like the referee etc.

The other thing is making sure that the fighters are not testing positive for the coronavirus, because that would mean the fight will have to be cut off. With the “safe distancing” being the buzz word during this pandemic, one will wonder how the two fighters are currently training.

The recent travel ban in Russia, has further squeezed or limited Dana White’s options to make this event happen. Dana White, however, seems undeterred and still has options to make this show happen.

We here at DeadlyDuels Media, are crossing our fingers and we think, this fight will still happen. Unless Dana White gives in. But if we look at the history of the two fighters having the clash between them two stopped. It has usually been because of injury. From training going wrong to simply having freak accidents like when Tony suddenly hurt his knee on stage.

Should and when this fight happens, it will be surely one where a lot of people will tune in, in a time when all sport events have been stopped, the UFC will cement itself. On a business sense and most importantly bring in some hope, during this pandemic for the fans.



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