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Why is SUFFERING Inevitable in Martial Arts?

Suffering is inevitable, and in modern times, the pursuit of the avoidance of pain, leads us to perils. In our pursuit for a utopia, a sanitized future, where there is a constant rainbow and constant sunshine, is an illusion. Human society, regardless of ideologies, is all an illusion, a matrix we have created. Because the ultimate reality is the universe, nature. And it is beyond good or evil, beyond our compassion. We are part of nature, no matter how many lives we save with our technologies.

In antiquity, those who thrived succeed in their lives had done so by suffering. The story of the hero or heroine is paved by struggle. It is paradoxically also a privilege to have known pain, hard work and obstacles. Because weak minds birth and flourish in the comforts of pleasure.


It is normal if we humans as animals hate the word “struggle” or “pain” because since we are built for struggle against nature, seeking comfort is the ultimate goal, but with us being able to manipulate our surroundings, we have created society. Removed ourselves from nature, there is us and then there is the earth and all the other animals. The illusion has its benefits, but we are not species apart. Our existence can be wiped at any moments time, in knowing so, we realise we nothing.

Martial arts or any form of exercise is paramount more so now in our society of easiness. To calm our instincts, to remind us of pain and struggle. Progress is the light and our struggle its shadow, helping us not to be swarmed by the illusions we create with our minds.  By doing this we cultivate an inner peace, inner peace is what really matters. The pain we feel, or the struggle is an obstacle or our sense of self not wanting to fail. When we are born, we do not have this, that is why a baby does not mind falling and getting back up as it learns to walk. Compare this with an adult whose all stiff and scared.



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