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Pundits describe people that have knock out power as “genetically gifted”. Certain individuals may indeed have an innate physical force that brings devastation to their opponent when they kick or punch. These individuals have raw strength.

On raw strength, one could argue or mention deterministic factors like genetics. Nonetheless, it has been known through antiquity that efficient power is birthed from relaxations of the sinews, ligaments, and tendons throughout the whole body. One is no longer actively resisting gravity and then the opposing physical forces reacting or acting inside and outside the body are harmonised. This brings balance.

The release of tension into the ground causes a harmonisation of the forces acting inside and outside of the body.

The mental force, which is the mind, focuses on the ground and in the martial arts of Tai Chi Chuan, Xinyi and Bagua Zhang and many other styles, they are exercises to cultivate this aspect, till it becomes second nature.

On a physical aspect in combat sports like boxing, they will speak about dropping your weight into the ground and then using the reactionary force of the ground to strikeout. A strong base offers a strong platform to attack from.

An exponent of the fighting arts and sciences will notice better power delivery, with the mind being the ultimate force and not physical power. Mike Tyson did this when he boxed.

In Tai Chi Chuan, under the direction of the mind, the feet drive the waist, which then directs the whole upper body.

You connect the mind with heaven and earth, the mind empties into the earth and the reactionary upward force connects with heaven; the ego, the self, then disappears and with heaven and earth or the universe you are invincible. Your defeat happens when you lose connection to heaven.



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