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Reasons Why Francis Defeated Cyril | UFC 270 |

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UFC 270’s main event was interesting in that it was not what was expected as an outcome. Cyril did not gas out Francis or out gun him to defeat with his varied skillsets. Nor did Francis blast him into outer space with powerful punches.

In the first round it looked as if it was a draw, however, in the second round Cyril started to get his pace and looked like he was winning on points.

Nonetheless, in the 3rd round he delivered a kick that Francis Ngannou grasped and then took the opportunity of slamming Cyril him on the ground.

Francis than showed what Cyril and most of the world had not known, the heavy champion could wrestle. Even showing some good newaza groundwork, when Cyril tried to get him in a foot lock.

But what made him win was his take downs on Cyril.

The wrestling and in traditional Chinese Martial Arts or other martial arts, throws or grabbing is considered wrestling. Where grappling would apply specifically to joint locks for example arm bars etc.

Why am I making these distinctions?

Because wrestling is defence to neutralise striking, whether it’s kicks or punches and grappling is defence to neutralise, wrestling. And strikes to neutralise joints locks or when you are being held, you would hit the assailant. From a self defence point of view as supposed to a sport. Unless it is allowed.



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