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But the fighter looked cheerful as ever, he spoke about the crazy times he had when he was on cocaine. Usually taking it before a fight and going crazy after a fight. This was only done if he won. What made him stop was snorting the cocaine off the butt hole of prostitutes. He once snorted a few lines off the butt of a gorgeous Las Vegas prostitute who then farted. It did not bother him at the time, except the following day when he woke up with swollen puss infested eyes. It then that he exclaimed, “NEVER AGAIN” in his Irish accent.

It then dawned on him that he could not afford to be losing that much money. I asked him about training, and he stated that “I don’t want to be normal.” This statement prompted him to talk about sparring a Brit who has gone pro. This guy was great at unbalancing McGregor. His friend commented that he was a good boxer but was useless at his full back stance and sloppy at throwing punches. So, Connor punched him as hard as he could. Then the Brit put his body weight on Connor’s chest. This has gotten Connor into so much trouble in the past, he has promised not to go down that road again.

He then went on to say that he is the most competitive person he knows and that he would never allow himself to be second best. It is about having a fire inside you that drives you. And that is what it is all about. It is about going the distance and never giving up. Speaking about his post-fight life, he told me how many of his friends give him shit about him constantly changing his lifestyle and being in debt. To which he replied that “I am in debt so bad. I have shit debt and I do not care. I am still working my butt off. I am getting the best money I ever got, and I never have to work again.”

So, when can we expect another fight? He claims that he is still incredibly young. He was even smoking marijuana in the after-fight interview after his fight. “I am not on it for a long time. I am just having a smoke” he told me. What has he been up to lately? Well, a lot. He has been doing loads of travelling to different places. Including the Middle East, where he was taking part in the Asian World Cup. He even took to Instagram to let us know that he had jetted off to India, and will be going to Turkey, Argentina, and more places. So, is he still getting high? He laughed and said “Yes. I love the fact that I still love it.”


The information from this post was written by an anonymous drunk and are not the thoughts of DeadlyDuels Media. Read at your peril. And if you take this “news” seriously, then you need help. Your only reaction should be laughter.



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