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What is predicted? This October’s biggest event in the MMA world will be Khabib Nurmagedov taking on Justin Gaethje. The 24th of October in Abu Dhabi’s fight island, we will witness another iconic clash put together by the UFC.

As exciting as this fight will be, breaking it down is easy. Unless we have major surprises if we take a conservative approach. The pundits do not need to analyse each fighters’ previous fights to formulate what could happen. You simply can use the fighter’s quotes on what they going to do. And of course, mixed with a bit of common sense.

Justin Gaethje has spoken on what he needs to avoid, such as, “being taken down” by Khabib. Amongst other things, avoid being pushed against the cage and being smothered by the Russian fighter. Khabib had admitted Gaethje poses a unique problem, however, that he will “outwrestle” Justin and that Justin’s wrestling is not what it used to be. Here the Russian is referring to Justin’s offensive wrestling. Khabib has also spoken of how he will shoot for a taken down, and if that fails shoot for another takedown, and keep going for one till it succeeds.

This type of tactic takes good training to achieve and is exhausting. Usually, when you wrestle, muscular resistance creates greater fatigue. Nonetheless, he has also said we will trade kicks and punches with Justin. Now favourably will suit Justin, the stand-up game, with his deadly intentions in strikes, this ground of battle favours him.

About Justin Gaethje’ s wrestling, indeed, his offensive wrestling is not the same. But one thing that needs to be mentioned, is his defensive wrestling, as Chael Sonnen put it, ‘it is good as it has ever been.’ So, it is interesting what will happen when he takes Khabib. Most fighter’s the Russian has demolished have been Brazilian Jiujitsu guys who have failed abysmally against Khabib, laying on their backs trying to get a submission. Dustin Poirier nearly got Khabib with a guillotine but after less than a minute, Khabib’s wriggled his way out of it. And this was only time Dustin had any hope of winning. But that window was shut immediately.

So, Justin should not wilt against Khabib like Khabib’s previous opponents. In this five-round bout, the winner will be he who can impose their will. Choose where they wish to fight and ultimately dictate where the fight should happen. The 24th of October’s main card is not one to miss.



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