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Eat bitter and find your struggle. Through the taste of defeat and pain, if you press on you will eventually bear fruits. For progress, is like growth pains. To eat bitter-bear hardships, is something central to martial art. Even in Tai Chi/Taiji Quan, to achieve Kung Fu one was go through the pains. Like any other exercise. Do not get fooled by the slow movements, it is after all a martial art. 

In our efforts to live through painless world we have created an illusion. Life is hard and unfair, knowing this, we should use it as motivating factor to press on. Find your weakness and work on it. If a particular drill is challenging with a particular foot, add more time doing it, to improve. Running away from struggle is not good and since we have increasing comforts, seek it 

Image by 愚木混株 Cdd20 from Pixabay

eat bitter and find your struggle


Imagine the story of Hercules was told differently, that he did not stand up and take on the twelve trials. Or that King Arthur never lifted the sword from the stone.   

It is normal for humans to seek comfort, in ancient times. Many of the comforts we now have did not exist. More women died giving birth in our ancient past or the first, second or third child would die. And even after birth, the child would die from disease. 

Life was harder, and everybody dreamed of comfort, those who had it, enjoyed its fruits.  However, in our modern life, where equity and fairness are the ultimate aim, comforts have become the norm. Yet people are still feeling empty.  

“Life is unfair” 

This is a saying that is unfortunately with time soon to become extinct. Why “unfortunately”? Because this negative of life that its unfair, should be used to drive us to turn our negative situations to positive. Few realise this and few therefore are heroes of their journey that is called life. We must seek discomfort, eat bitter and find our struggle. 

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