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BOXING & THE 1-2: HOW WILDER WAS DETHRONED. The classical 1-2 combination is one basic combination one could learn from their first boxing class. Basic because its fundamental. Whether in a south paw or orthodox stance the jab and cross is universal. Some people may see these combinations as two basic. Afterall it is just two punches, what can two do for someone who want to win a fight in the ring.  There should be more, hooks, uppercuts and many more punches. You should practice more punches is what most would do.

Versatility in punches would be important, relying on the one two combination is not good strategy as it will make you predictable. However, the classical one two, beyond throwing a jab and cross, in its underlying principle is a tactic.

In the beginning both punches are strikes to the target, but the jab can also be a deceptive tool. The jab can be used to gauge distance, before firing off with the cross to knock out the opponent. Or it can used to lure the adversary in. You throw a jab that is just barely in range to make contact and if the opponent steps in as you step just a few inches or even millimetres away. When they come within range. You strike at them, straight for their face. The one two combination is now a strategy for the counter puncher. The tactic is deceiving with the jab and killing with the cross.

This is where the one two is more than just a combo, it represents the two hands as you only have two. If you think out of the box, the one two can also be your two feet.

Connor McGregor has used the version mentioned above in his quick knock outs in the UFC and Tyson Fury used the classic normal combination against Wilder in their second fight. Touching Wilder’s glove with the jab and firing with the cross into Wilder’s ear busting the ear drum. The one two is formidable.   



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