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Being ROOTED-The ability to absorb and redirect in Tai Chi

Being ROOTED-The ability to absorb and redirect in Tai Chi

On a lot has been written about rooting. And its importance is not only in Tai Chi but martial arts in general.

Grounding would refer more in being stable in stance and not losing your balance. In order to have a good root, you need to be grounded or stable. With this, you are then able to release the excess tension in your body to the ground. And thus, be rooted.

You are then capable to absorb in coming pressure, all dependent on the suppleness of the sinews of the legs or fascia.

Your strong root should not just be associated with your ability to absorb or disperse the pressure coming from getting pushed, but also your ability to direct the incoming pressure from your opponent or training partner back to them as shown on this video.

Also, a strong root enables you to also generate a lot of power to throw your training partner or opponent off balance. This can be applicable to strikes or whatever may be the case.

If you put aside knowing forms, understanding and applying principles leads to deeper understanding. Whether it be just for health or combat.

Health, keeping your mind composed as much as possible, or realising when you beginning to lose. Avoiding all the pending doom that comes from daily life stress.

For combat, it becomes part of you and as for me, I am still training. And making “new discoveries” applying the principle of sinking.

And it is a universal principle that is making me focus more on fundamental exercises and increasing my flexibility. In order to have flexible tendons, sinews, ligaments and fascia.

This skill can also be used in combat sports like boxing and is not only exclusive to internal martial arts.

To conclude let the training and the learning continue.  



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