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Ancient Secret Martial Method to CONTROL Your opponent | Chin Na

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Ancient Secret Martial Method

Qinna (pronounced, “chinna”) is found in all traditional Chinese Martial arts. “Chin” is to lock and the na is to hold or seize. The two work simultaneously when executed.

The core principles may be the same, but some styles put an emphasis on it compared to others. Or others will condition parts of their body, such as the fingers to cause sever pain during the manipulation of their opponents’ muscles or tendons.

Ancient Secret Martial Method

This approach is usually found in so called external martial arts.

But the idea behind this skill is to allow the physically weak to overpower a physically strong opponent.

Ancient Secret Martial Method

Lui Jin Sheng wrote in his book, Shaolin Art of Seizing and Grappling, “…If you are in command of this technique, you can sway the destiny of the enemy. You can kill your enemy, cause unbearable pain, tear his muscles and sinews, break his bones or make him unconscious for some time and completely disable him to resist.

Even a woman or a physically weak man who mastered this technique can curb a strong enemy. This technique demands deftness and skill, not brute force. It is necessary to train oneself daily to make the body flexible and nimble, but “hardness” must be hidden inside this “softness.”

The “softness” would keeping your tendons, sinews and connective tissues nimble or relaxed. And the “hardness” would be the tendons etc and muscles hardening in the last moment when executing the technique.

In Tai Chi or Taiji Quan people would talk about “na” seizing the opponent. From the basic concept of ting jin, dong jin, hua jin, na or na jin would then apply. Depending on your level of skill while your opponent fights being seized, you can use this opportunity to uproot them. Something I learned from my Shifu when he showed me basic chin na for Tai Chi.

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