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In our distracted and drug-induced world, everybody is seeking positivity and avoiding the negative aspects of their lives. However, these negative aspects are either what we need to change or make pivoting decisions to resolve them. For example, being obese or unhealthy.


Whether it be TikTok, YouTube, or whatever may be the social platform. You would find many motivational videos. And motivational speakers have risen in the past decade. In the 90s there were a few and now there is so many. What these videos do is make us feel good, but like any drug, after it wears off. They slump back down to where they were.

And therefore, because it is a drug, because it numbs out our realities we are escaping. And then comes martial arts, and by martial arts, I am speaking traditionally. Not just a combat sport; in Traditional Chinese Martial Arts as a whole or most traditional martial arts that are authentic, when learns discipline. Now discipline is more about being consistent and executing whatever you may need or have set out to do without letting how you feel get in the way. That eventually when you are done, you feel better because you have accomplished something.

“Motivation is crap, motivation comes and goes, when you’re driven, whatever is in front of you will get destroyed.”-David Goggins, former Navy SEAL.

Discipline is fuelled by an ever-growing will power that stems from cultivating the mind i.e., doing martial arts.

This is the principle of the warrior that is vital, being disciplined and consistent during adversity. It is of course not an easy task, but it is worth the pursuit. So that you may go into a mode where you are just doing and empty of thought, so that you are not clouded.




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