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UFC 253: Will the stylebender be dethroned?

Many things have happened this year, it has been one long year. And the UFC has surged on regardless of the pandemic. Some fights that we thought were going to be spectacular, were nothing but boring.


The Zhang Weilin bout against Joanna Jędrzejczyk was probably the best fight of the year so far. Both ladies stepped into the octagon and fought like ancient warriors fighting for that heavenly glory.

Adesanya taking on Yoel Romero birthed a fight that was not what people predicted. There was too much hesitation from both parties, with glimpses now and then of what both fighters were capable of doing. Here at we still believe Yoel should have been judged the winner. But Adesanya’s win can be argued to have been fair, as Yoel Romero’s hesitation to engage and thrash his opponent cost him the belt.

Paul Costa fought Yoel Romero and did not back down, he moved forward ready to slay the beast that is Yoel. Exchanging blows without fear to engage the former Cuban elite Olympian.


Sunday the 27th of September, UFC 253 will host more than just an interesting fight. Paulo Costa a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has never gone for takedowns or seen to be fighting from his back. You would not know of his ground grappling simply analysing this unbeaten run in the UFC.

What is interesting is as per the video above, when he encountered Adesanya who does not have “BJJ credentials” at the same the level like him, Paulo Costa wore his BJJ black belt. He also has not made it a secret that the fight will go to the ground. Indicate that although a good striker, the ground may be Israel Adesanya’s major weakness. If Israel has been studying Paulo’s movements in the UFC, then he may be in trouble. Because Paulo has barely been on the ground.

Israel may rely only on his supreme movement, his fluidity in motion to win this fight. Being a kickboxer and being able to control the distance may be all he needs to win this fight with a knockout. The one who can control distance controls the fight and should win. Nonetheless, let us see what happens.



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