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The SECRET Benefit of Tai Chi Step Rooting

The Secret Benefit of Tai Chi Step Rooting

Usually, Tai Chi practitioners who can perform step rooting would have a line of people lined up to push them so the practitioner can see how strong their root is. What usually happens leaves virgin viewers aghast with surprise.

What happens?

The pushers whether there is a one or few of them, they cannot mover the Tai Chi practitioner. Rooting is central to traditional Chinese Martial Arts. And it is not only in Tai Chi.

How good your root is, is based on how your mind can sink to the ground and connect with the body. With this comes emptiness and the better your mind can sink, the better your emptiness. The more you can empty, the better you root.

Besides attaining martial abilities such as being able to have explosives power. A strong root indicates balance of mind, and this is how can it help in life.

When stress comes like the people who push the Tai Chi practitioner, he or her must relax their own internal excess tension into the ground neutralise that. And the pressure from the external.

The visual of the people pushing and the Tai Chi exponent being to redirect or withstand the push is a metaphor of the troubles we experience in life.

How can you maintain a level of balance while under pressure?

Step Rooting answers this question, it is an internal practice manifested externally through the pressure test.

Of course, this is not easy and nothing in life or kung fu is, after all kung fu is all about hard-work and discipline.

But we can do it, and the clearer your mind is, the better the rootedness. Standing meditation or doing the Tai Chi form adhering to the classical principles can also help. Helping one achieve genuine mental strength.


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Written by Narcisse Sadi who is a Tudi (student) of Dr Jeff Lan.  He is a certified 1stDuan Health Qi Gong by the International Health Qigong Federation. And  a 1st Duan Yang Style (Cheng Man Ching lineage) Tai Chi Chuan Instructor, certified by Dr Jeff Lan.



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