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Rickson Gracie, “Get The F*ck up!”

Rickson Gracie, “Get The F*ck up!”

On Tom Bilyeu, the legendary figure of Gracie Jiujitsu, described his first fight against Zulu:

My first professional fight. I was 19 years old. The guy was 30 something and had 120 fights. His name was Zulu. And I was there to fight the guy. And he has a trademark move he puts one hand between your legs and lifts you. And then throws your back on the floor.

As he took that approach, I was quick to move back and hit him with my knee. And in my mind. I smiled, I thought I won the fight, and it was a knockout.

And after I did that. he just shook his head and spat out a tooth and was ready for more. I was like wow! So that took me out my comfort zone. Not what I expected, right?

So, when the first round stopped, I was dead. I said there’s no way I cannot go back in there, and my dad not even listening to me, said how great I was doing. “You know he’s worse than you are now you’re gonna kick his ass,” and this and that.

I started to argue with my dad and my brother. And then the next round started. And like my dad said. I beat the guy in three minutes because he was already tired. I could get to a good position and choke him out. And I noticed my worst enemy at this point was my own mind playing tricks on me.

Telling me I don’t have enough, telling me I was tired, telling me I won’t last. So, my mind was completely against my purpose, and I felt like I could not let this happen ever. So, after that fight I make a statement in my mind I said I’m not going to quit anymore. I prefer to die then think I must quit.


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