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Saturday the 2nd of November at Madison Square Garden was packed, a modern-day Colosseum, with the likes of Donal Trump amongst the crowd. The two main gladiators everybody was waiting to see, finally fought; Jorge Masvidal against Nate Diaz.

The first round was dominated by Jorge Masvidal, throwing landing punches and kicks, some fatal ones landing to the body. Nate known for his endurance and showing up in the dying lost rounds like a revitalised demon, was hurt a few times, but he managed to land his shots as well, especially in the boxing exchanges at times.

A failed foot lock by Nate in the later rounds was an indication of what he was planning to do. However, the fight was cut short by the doctor (doctor stoppage), due to a bleeding cut from Nate. This lead to the decision of a TKO with Masvidal as the winner. A call that is a bit controversial as some claim that the fight should carried on and should it have been in Las Vegas; the show would have continued. 



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