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In our current times sucess

Success and the “find happiness” and “passion” delusion

In our current times, being happy and doing what you love to do, your passion are keys to success. We see all these positives posts warm our eyes on social media. Avoid the negative and just focus on the positives. However, in the same time you have people more depressed today then we have had in the past, our grandparents’ time. All of this is because in the unknown depths of our minds we know this is a delusion. This echo in our psyche manifests itself as depression or any other malevolent form. The unfortunate truth, humans are a species built for struggle.

Now that does not mean that we seek pain and suffering, but we are built to withstand it, it is meant to be around us all the time, keep are edge sharp. The modern world is becoming more and more urbanised as we no longer hunter gatherers like our ancestors. And with modern technology and industry we have many comforts and we now need to add our own tension/struggle. This can be you trying to achieve something, trying to learn a new language or losing weight etc.

Do not avoid struggle

We avoid pain and suffering now days by making excuses, we have forgotten by virtue of the unfortunate truth that life/nature is unfair, that fairness is but luck. We can have morality and the like, treat the unfortunate fairly. But in the big scheme of things, one natural disaster and we are all dead.



Success is achieving whatever you set out to do, and most important of all should you fail, it is doing the best that you could do, not try but do. It means being miserable at times on your journey, late nights, lack of sleep and yes feeling depressed. However, regardless of how low you feel, you still go on and do what is needed to have the success that you have set out to achieve. Extreme of all cases it may affect your health. But if achieving what you want to achieve means everything to you, then this is not a problem. In the end will all die, so doing great things is not for everyone, being successful in business is not for everyone. Because the cold reality is that like most things it is not a road of glamour, it is in fact a war in the trenches. It’s not all gloom, but if you want to achieve you need go all the way, find that breaking point and only then you may surpass it.



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