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How To Ground Oneself Part One

In ancient Daoist tradition is the exercise of Zhan Zhuang, a standing meditation also used in traditional Chinese Martial Arts. This is an exercise underestimated for its great benefits and like anything requires discipline and effort to make it meaningful or to see significant results.

It teaches one to relax or slightly sink the chest, (focusing on the sternum area) and in the sinking or letting go of the tension one’s mind should then connect with the area below the navel, a few short centimetres away. Simultaneously the upper back is rounded and slightly raised. The back of the neck is straight and the chin slightly tucked in (not too much, its done in accordance in maintaining the neck straight). The coccyx is tucked in slightly as if one is attempting to seat on a chair. The joints of the shoulder are relaxed down, the elbows as well to allow the shoulder to relax, followed by the wrist joint being relaxed (by relaxing, I mean there should be no tension or you should not tense up). The upper joints will soften in accordance with the lower corresponding joints of the hips/waist area, knees and feet/ankles. The feet align with the hands/wrist, the knees with the elbows and the shoulder with the hips.


The fundamental part, once all is aligned, is to then allow gravity to go down into the ground. No resistance; the head is pulled up (allow this happen and do not force) the spine is straighted and the rest goes down.


There is more to this exercise and I will go into further details. In martial arts the harmonisation that occurs from this meditation allows one to move the body as unit in offense and defense, and in daily living one can instead of carrying the world on the their shoulders, allow everything to sink down.

Thank you,

Narcisse Sadi

Qualified IHQF 1st Duan Instructor

1st Duan Classical Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Instructor, under Dr (Shifu) Jeff Lan



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