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Below is a quote from THE BADUANJIN MANUAL OF JIN TISHENG-translated by Paul Brennan’s translation:

“Here is a method of strengthening the body to prevent death.”

– Yue Fei

The fifth form of Baduanjin is said to remove the “heart heat”. In traditional Chinese medicine it is believed that the people have a boiling point, which is manifested with external symptoms such bad odours or the redness in the white of eyes etc.

The cause is said to be the disruption of the digestive system, or it being not in harmony, leading to shortness of breath or indigestion. Certain people will encourage the intake of liquids with a balanced diet to remove the “the heat”, however, another way is doing the 5th form of Baduanjin. The internal heat is removed by encouraging one to sweat

After the fourth form of Baduanjin, one assumes the horse stance or Ma Bu as it is known in Mandarin. The feet are positioned two shoulder-widths apart, the coccyx is tucked in, and the feet are parallel to each other. The weight distribution will be 50-50. The hands are placed on each side of the waist as per the YouTube Video below. Starting with the left side, you shift your weight to the left leg, gently pushing out the left hip, the neck stays straight and turns to the left with the head also turning. You pretend to look at your buttocks, you do not look at it. When you shift your weight back to the centre you will tuck in your coccyx, make sure as per the beginning that your spine is straight. The shifting of the weight means you inhale and then hold the breath and then exhale back to the original position, doing the same thing on the right. As displayed on the whole video of Baduanjin.


The fifth form of Baduanjin


The post was written by Narcisse Sadi, a qualified 1st Duan Instructor in Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan (Cheng Man Ching lineage) and Health Qi Gong. He is a Tudi (officially recognised student) of Dr Jeff Lan (residing in Cape Town) who runs the Kim Loong Kwoon-



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