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How To Ground Yourself Part Two

Previously I had written on how to ground yourself, one of the exercises that I had mentioned to enable you to that was  Zhan Zhuang through daily practice.

I would advise you to read the first part to make this second part more comfortable in understanding.

What usually happens when we worry or are anxious about something, is that everything usually builds up around our chest, as everything goes up. It does not stop there; it goes further from close to our heart to our heads. And then we will notice we get headaches, with the occasional neck problem.

The Zhan Zhuang exercise in allowing the sinking I mentioned in the first part, allows the grounding, which brings clarity of thought when properly exercised. However, this takes time, and it must be mentioned, does not happen overnight and you will not reach a state of “nirvana” or internal happiness. Negative emotions like anger and stress will still occur, but you will have better control, dark thoughts will be picked up and scrutinised and it will assist in keeping your ego in check if you allow it.

Zhan Zhuang is a whole subject on its own and a book or volumes of books can be written on it. I will write more on this practice.

Thank you,


IHQF 1st Duan Instructor

1st Duan Classical Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Instructor, under Dr (Shifu) Jeff Lan



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