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Accepting the way to lose

Accepting the way to lose

Accepting the way to lose, what does this mean? In the matrix of humans, which is society, everybody longs to win. Most of us are in the pursuit of success and in our modern times there are many publications in our various media of formulas to success. It does not matter how we define this success, in our most basic instincts as animals this is simply defined by our ability to survive. Our methods of survival in adapting or outwitting nature.

It is this instinct of survival that transcends to society, translating in modern times with wanting to achieve our goals and aims. Whether it is to make money or whatever it is we want to achieve. We want to achieve so badly that we would fear to lose, driven by nature this would mean the fear of death. The feeling of “failure” is like one has been stripped of his or her life. But the human matrix (society) is not nature, it is our creation, it is our illusion. Like a bustling city, free from the ills of the jungle, utopian, yet, with the anger of the sea (a tsunami), it can wash away within hours.

The way of a warrior is to accept death, defeat, we will die, we will fail. Only then can we be free, its sounds contradictory or non-sensical. Another way to say this is to “let go” and embrace the void. Now this practice, like all practices, means one will probably not attain this achievement immediately, but with time tend as closely to it as possible, without ever attaining it. But it is alright, at least they tend to it as closely as possible, for perfection is a human construct, nothing is “perfect” in nature.

Whether it is martial arts or other aspects of life, accepting defeating frees you from it, like the video of Bruce Lee above. In letting go of our ambitions, we are not hindered by our fear to not achieve. We all have expectations, but when cultivate letting go, we can then attain our goals unhindered by fear. Life is a struggle from conception to end, peace comes when we die.



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