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What is Stillness and Motion in Tai Chi?

I did not understand it from the get-go and only from practising would I get a flicker of an epiphany on what stillness and motion was. Later I would realise that I did not completely understand. Bu the initial idea is that the mind is still, while the body moves. However, you use stillness to …

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Rickson Gracie, “Get The F*ck up!”

Rickson Gracie, “Get The F*ck up!” On Tom Bilyeu, the legendary figure of Gracie Jiujitsu, described his first fight against Zulu: My first professional fight. I was 19 years old. The guy was 30 something and had 120 fights. His name was Zulu. And I was there to fight the guy. And he has a …

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“He Could KICK Bruce’s A$* Within 30Sec!”

“He Could KICK Bruce’s A$* Within 30Sec!” Adam Chan from Kung Fu Report, spoke about a man he had heard of from Jesse Glover. Jesse Glover was Bruce Lee’s first student. And he spoke to Adam about a man who could, “Kill Bruce Lee in 30 seconds. “Sonny will kill Bruce under 30 seconds, and …

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The 4 CRUCIAL Principles of Tai Chi | Concept of Combat and Health

The 4 CRUCIAL Principles of Tai Chi what are these 4 principles of Tai Chi? Reading this you may think that it is peng, lu, ji and an. And although these 4 principles are crucial as well, it is not what I am referring to. The 4 crucial principles of Tai Chi that I am …

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Zhong Ding having a Strong Root Helps with Health and Combat

Zhong Ding, having a Strong Root Helps with Health and Combat After a Facebook dialogue with a fellow Tai Chi practitioner and internal martial artist by the name of Ken with regards to a previous post titled: ZHONG DING: HOW TAIJI QUAN USES THIS CONCEPT FOR HEALTH AND COMBAT I decided to revisit this topic. …

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Real Tai Chi = Pain, Sweat and Tears | Cultivating the Mind

Martial Arts is like all endeavours have its challenges and one should not avoid struggle. But humans like most animals are built for the struggle and yet seek comfort. The problem is unlike our ancestors we have an abundance of comfort in comparison to them. 2021, does not have the same struggle as medieval Europe …

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Yang Cheng Fu’s Ten Essences Decoded

YANG CHENG FU’S TEN ESSENCES DECODED Yang Cheng Fu summarised the Tai Chi Chuan classics with his ten essences. The ten essences focus on the fundamentals. In this blog post, I will decode the ten essences. The problem is translation, many books on internal martial arts or martial arts when translated to English do not …

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How do I use SOFTNESS to overcome hardness?

How do I use SOFTNESS to overcome hardness? This last Sunday the 8th of August, I had an epiphany during my tai chi practice with my senior. My Shifu was busy meditating while Jeronimo my Shirxiong and me were busy practising soft touch. Executing and he was correcting me where I was doing mistakes. At …

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Will Conor Rise Again?

@deadlyduelsmediaWill Conor Rise again? #conormcgregor_ #martial_arts_training #martialarts_ #deadlyduels #deadlyduelsmedia #boxing_ #mma_♬ Schubert’s Ave Maria _ opera style – New Air Listen to Audio on Spotify Will Conor Rise Again? Life is full of trials and tribulations, to some, it is a war. If we can take that into account, then some may say that it …

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Will Conor McGregor BEAT Dustin Poirier?

Will Conor McGregor BEAT Dustin Poirier? The pre-fight conference to the Conor vs Dustin fight trilogy revealed one thing, that Conor McGregor is back. What we saw is that he was not there to make friends but to take heads, the Conor of old. You would not think it was a multimillionaire out there but …

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