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Trump may have caused this potential World War Three, but what is now an absolute is that the United States is at war with Iran. And it’s happening at a real time. Iran has finally retaliated to the assassination of Qassem Soleimani with a volley of ballistic missiles targeting US military bases in Iraq. The ball is now in Trump’s court, and this situation that world leaders have hopelessly tried to de-escalate has escalated.

However, this post is not about Trump or why did this war start, it’s about how the US who already prior to Trump, had already laid down the conditions for war with sanctions and other belligerent activities, and how the US has lost this war.


Trump’s been shooting himself in the foot by displaying his arrogance towards NATO and future partners. Going as far as even threatening to give sanctions (to EU nations) if they did business with the likes of Iran, Russia or China, has set a precedent that will mostly likely leave the US with Israel only as ally in its war in the Middle East.


The seven-day victory of the first Gulf War, was conducted against a sanctioned disunited, weak Iraq never mind the second Gulf War of 2003. If you saw the millions of Iranians rallied by last week’s assassination of Qassem Soleimani, any pundit or analyst with an ounce of grey matter can foresee, this war against Iran by the United States, will be worse than the one it had with North Vietnam and The Vietcong’s during the Vietnam War.


Russia, China and Syria and the myriads of militias, but let’s focus on the resurgent Russian superpower and The Dragon of the East, China. The two countries can simply reinforce Iran’s arsenal of weapons, now Iran may not have behemoth of an army like the United States. But having the most does not make you necessarily powerful. And like in the Art of War, Sun Tzu stresses a nation needing to be to united and behind its army in order to win. America is divided and its populace that of Gen Z and Millennials who would be the supply of bodies for its war are too busy trying to figure their gender/sex, striving to be vegans and arguing on online forums if the world is flat. Let’s not waste time, Iran has won.


The US military industrial complex has made money off the many wars the US has been waging. But it has in return, impoverished the nation whose economy is a house of cards. The 2008 recession was an indicator this, and it’s a country in debt, spending trillions on a military that is plagued with bureaucracy. Iran will bleed, but American has already bled out and the ounce of blood left will leave it dead during and even before this war ends. And potentially can set the US in a second civil war as it is a divided country.

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