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World Qigong Day

The 14th of September Saturday, is World Health Qigong Day (not to be mistaken with World Qigong Day), and as you read this you may ask yourself what is Qigong?

This a very complex question to answer immediately. However, Qigong can be translated to mean energy work. It’s an ancient practice from China, which is still practiced in today’s time, similar to the ancient practice of Yoga. Qigong has many useful benefits health primarily being one of them, and this is done for example with assisting with stress, especially that corporate or work stress. As well as martial benefits, improving on movement, how to issue power and many more to mention. This ancient science is growing steadily in popularity and this 14th of September, in Cape Town, South Africa, their will be an event for all ages to attend, its going to be at the iconic Company Gardens. It will be from 09:30am-11:30am, 2 hours of fun for free.

On the day there will also be the introduction of traditional Chinese Martial Arts, like Tai Chi Chuan. And this event will be hosted by the International Kim Loong Wushu Centre

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