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Simply put that is bad target marketing


“Simply put that is bad target marketing”

Simply put that is bad target marketing, why would you sell something to a prospect that they have an abundance of, and can freely get? It does not make sense. The, “I can sell ice to an Eskimo” salesman or woman statement is that of a figurative exaggeration, implying that they are great salespeople or good at persuading prospects, unfortunately this is taken literally. All in all, it is in fact a comedic outrageous comment. That when heard, should generate laughter, because it is ridiculous. Think Muhammad Ali, “I am so bad, I make medicine sick”-its funny. That is all that it is, funny statements.

Nevertheless, the salesman or woman take this statement literally and focus on persuading prospects to purchase whatever they are selling, working hard in honing persuasive skills, or being great communicators. Now that is not bad, someone sounding charismatic and articulate may sale products easily in comparison to someone who is selling the same product and is the latter (nervous or clumsy). But, if someone was desperately needing the toilet and there was no toilet paper, and a nervous salesman was selling toilet paper approached the prospect (person needing the toilet) who does not have access to toilet paper; the prospect will not care and suddenly purchase the toilet paper. They need it; this is because of the fundamental principal of supply and demand.

Therefore, although being clear, articulate and confident is important, so is research and knowing the market. So do not sale ice to an Eskimo, sale them a heater-that is common sense. Good market research goes a long way.

It is as if when going to war you attacking your adversary’s immediate weak points, instead of just using your weapons and blindly attacking. Selling ice to an Eskimo will not be good practice, but when you want results; research, gather the data and once you understand the market, attack and make that sale (or as you begin to understand as you are attacking).

Written by Narcisse Sadi, busy writing, “The Untold Truth of Sales: Create Urgency”

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