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Democracy does not bring development to a country, what brings development ranges from good policies by those who are in positions of governance, to other variables. The United States development through certain fields was not necessarily because of its “freedoms” but because it was and is advertised as a land of opportunity, it inspired ambitious individuals to strive to build empires that indirectly benefited the many in certain aspects. Most of this was and is entrepreneurial.

For a democracy to be stable, it needs an educated populace, so it is not that Socrates hated democracy, but new one where the people are not educated, led to demagoguery. A population that has a level of critic and can see through the sweet words of popular politicians, would be wise in electing officials. They would be able to see through the scapegoating of using immigrants as the reason for nations problems. Good democracies have a strong educational system, best example of this would be the Scandinavian countries. It is not necessarily whether they have a free economy or a mixed left leaning one, it is that their educational system is strong, allowing for progress.

If a nation is in an abyss of disorder, like the Democratic Republic of Congo. Free speech and all the lovely dreams democracy supposedly bring, is the lost thing that a nation need. Where the institutions are weak or non-existent. If we are speaking solutions or pragmatism, then a strong leadership is needed.




 One that most likely would be dictatorial in its founding but however, once the likes of education have been established with an institution, it would wither away for a real democracy. The numbers do not lie, Putin came in power in Russia when it was in chaos, however, the numbers show he brought in order in comparison to before. Same can be said with countries like Singapore and South Korea. With Russia, they will come a time when Putin is no longer, and it will be more democratic. In addition, is another African country overlooked at times, Rwanda, which is under the leadership of Paul Kagame. This small country’s development after the brutal genocide of 1994, can be attributed to his strong leadership in bringing the country together and not being divisive.

Demagoguery is what you get when the education system is weak, like in South Africa with the rise of parties like the EFF or the fact that the ANC is still in power.

Nonetheless, South Africa has strong institution and simply needs to strengthen its educational system. But for countries like Rwanda after the genocide the strongest leadership is first needed. It is why the ancient Romans elected a dictator (something that was hated and only done as last resort) in the senate in times of chaos.

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