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Why Is Greed Good?


In a world with buzz words like sustainability and ethics in fields like sales and business where real results determine everything. They do of course in life as well but given the “comforts” of society people can easily be deluded and now days are even rewarded for their delusion.

Here at Deadly Duels Media, we keep it real, and gritty. Ethics and morality are good things, but like most things any extremity is not good for balance. And people who preach it are either hypocrites or this hypocrisy is a tool to communicate the same message. So, I am marketing a book on sales, I will candy coat and play the white knight, using words like ethics to appear holier than my counterparts who are more aggressive and go getting.

They are many ways to skin a cat do not get me wrong and all roads may lead to Rome. However, the problem may be that if opposites voices are heard that is when there is a problem.

Above is the famous line of Gordon Gecko, played by Michael Douglas in the Wall Street. Now, greed driven by the ego is generally regarded as bad, however, in the same time it is what has driven (even those who deny it) men to achieve great heights, it is also this drive that is the very reason for their fall.  Besides its Darwinian view, one must simply recognise this dark side, used it to build and temper it down so as not be self-destructive.

Therefore, we should not ignore it, avoid it and pretend it does not exist in all of us. Instead use as the tool that has helped our homo sapiens ancestors survive. In the same light, not let it overpower us, as this leads to many destructions i.e. the destruction of the environment etc.



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