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Why Dana White is king? Hate it or love it, UFC has been up and running with a momentarily halt before it resumed during this pandemic. It came back with big fights, regardless of no crowds in these fights, we saw the likes of Justin Gaethje pick apart Tony Ferguson. A man who some thought will dethrone Khabib.

All of this can be credited to Dana White, in a time when all sports were off, UFC was still flying high. Providing fights for the fans, and in the world of MMA, was the only organisation. UFC’s competitor in Asia, One Championship is only resuming in July.

Dana White is not about winning popularity contests, his about the end that justifies the means, his about the business. He has steered the ship through the dangerous waves and done so without firing anybody in the UFC, something that he has mentioned various times.

And now with the demand from various fighters for higher pay, rightfully so, Dana White is still marching forward. One must wonder if the UFC has gained some market share of people who may have preferred watching boxing.

With fight island, the UFC boss is not stopping, proof of his resolve and resilience. By keeping the UFC running he has provided food on the table of people who may have lost their jobs if there was a pause.

Besides coronavirus, with the headache from top fighters making their demands in pay, with the likes of Conor McGregor saying that they are retiring (for not getting what he wants), the UFC is in good hands. And if UFC has made more money due to their actions to keep the show running, then they deserve all of it, because you do not get what you want, you get what you work for.  



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