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Born in 2003, Greta Thunberg made her mark after what seemed to be a blunt or aggressive speech on climate change. How there is no more hope, and that the time to act is now, with regards to climate change ending her future and the future of others (especially those below or around her age). Her speech went viral on the internet, and she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. However, given her condition her frank speech had some critics. Although climate change is something to be concerned about, extreme solutions or extreme ideas must always be frowned upon. Climate activists in order to make a change may need to put their emotions in a box and come most importantly with solutions to the problem. But the concern with Greta is more than that, it is the concern of the creation of what is becoming or is already a demagogue. The 16-year-old has even dropped out of school, for her fight against climate change. Whoever is pulling the strings up have overly simplified (Greta included) or pushed her agenda in world issues that are complex and that simply stopping air traffic or shipping will end the world economy and it’s not just about money, by ending a world economy this will affect the lives of people.


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