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What Stops Our Success?

We are our worse enemy, what does it mean to be your worse enemy?

Well, you make plans or decide to do something, and you do not do it. You procrastinate, you feel not motivated.

Nevertheless, the real inertia is that inner voice that tells you subtly to stop or you going to get injured when you are working out, going for a job.

It is that voice of comfort when you to thrive, it’s the resistance from with us in wanting to achieve. There are many reasons it is there, but conquering this voice is where “conquering yourself” or “you are you worse enemy” starts to make sense.

If we take the time to listen to our thoughts and challenge what we think we notice this, we notice how we are hindering ourselves to move forward.

Therefore, it is in our own inertia or resistance that is primarily the reason we fail in doing what we want to do. It’s a contradiction; a paradox.



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