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This expression, regardless of its origin, has drowned into the abyss of perversion, in a world of “social justice warriors” and other “woke” groups. Being woke is supposed to be someb ody that is aware of the injustices of social or maltreated minorities in society. Civil rights are a necessity to counterbalance the forces that oppress and will always oppress certain groups or individual as long there is humans. Nonetheless, being woke has made it way into basically every facets of life, whether you are describing somebody’s actual biological sex or simply using simple common sense in the crazy century that is the 21st century. Amongst their ranks they have people targeting past events, that with time naturally have no relevance, as we time goes by the past is the past. Addressing wrongs of the past with fruitful solutions is needed but removing statues to address wrongs that happened a hundred years ago is not a solution. The fact is there is no great historical political figure from the dawn of the 20th century (or before or even now) that does not have blood in their hands. And to judge them based on the modern era’s “morality” or “human rights” is firstly not objective if you a historian. And it shows a lack of logic. All in all, the “woke cult” riddled with virtue signallers are for one denying the truth that as humans we have a dark side. We may able to do good, but since the dawn of our race we have been killing and surviving like any other species in the planet.

It is the ability to decide

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