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Before you ask the other question, what are the weaknesses? It is obvious, if you are a small company; you lack things like big funding or capital. And it is not that this “negative should be avoided” and then you jump straight into your strengths and focus just on that, no. Your weaknesses are a reminder of how you will need operate as a small company. The solution is in your problem, the answer in the question.

You do not have big capital or funding; this first weakness is an opportunity to be creative, because money stifles creativity or imagination, it means relying solely on this leads to weakness. So, as a small company you will need to do things differently. Although big companies are starting to market on social media. They still spend a large part of their budget on TV ads where the viewership is drastically dropping and have the attention of boomers and other living fossils.

Therefore, on a marketing aspect taking advantage of social media for marketing gives you a fighting chance. As a small company you will have to rely on guerrilla tactics. Making use of up and coming social media platforms i.e. TikTok where organic growth is still a thing.


It is the ability to decide

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