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Sunday the 19th of January, The T-Mobile Arena will host to gladiators Conor Mcgregor vs Donald Cerrone. A big event for the UFC as viewers will tune in to watch the biggest fight in the world of MMA this weekend.

Many view this fight as an opportunity for Conor McGregor to return in being a top contender in the sport again, should he win the fight against Cerrone. A fight that would be challenging for him as Cerrone is on the rise. And Conor McGregor has already fallen (although it’s not his first time being in the bottom after a loss).

During an interview with Ariel on ESPN MMA on the Ariel Helwani MMA SHOW (refer to video below), Conor admitted that it was hard training like he did in the past when went up against Khabib. The fame and riches removed the hunger. A hunger he has regained, and he explained how he drank weeks before the fight against Khabib-referring not to alcoholism, but a lack of discipline. In the interview there is another side few have seen of McGregor, someone who is known to entertain with his fists as well as his infamous mouth with his trash talking. The interview showed his humble and grateful side. Maybe the fact that he is now a parent of two has calmed his wild side. But something that is known of him is his positivity and his sense of determination.

Another side shown is wisdom when his calm, the interview was one that felt real and unscripted. Should Conor win it, it a known he wants a rematch with Khabib, a fight that would also be iconic. Nonetheless, the fight with Cerrone is would be a tough one and if everything mentioned by Conor in the interview or his camp is true, then it would be exciting to see his comeback.

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