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We here at DeadlyDuels Media would say Bernie Sanders and Trump in 2016 were opposite sides of the same coin when it came to what US Foreign policy was going to be.

What was this foreign policy?

Simply put, that the US will stop waging wars around the world and focus more on cleaning its house. Reduce unnecessary military spending and fix what is a mickey mouse economy (the US economy). Remember Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again”.

Trump’s actions in approaching his policies as if he was negotiating a real estate contract, say with the Chinese and increasing tariffs had its critics, but this has led into signing new deals. However, his hate (sometimes justified) towards everything Obama, including Obama himself, like the nuclear deal with Iran; this did not need renegotiating as this was a done deal. The Chinese affair was more business, but what Trump’s idiocy did not perceive nor comprehend is that the nuclear deal was political and was a way towards peace. Certain sanctions were taken off and Iran would comply with the standards in place.

Its destruction has madness, and furthermore the re-slapping of the sanctions that were removed. Not only were these actions veiled acts of war towards Iran, but they also further weakened American influence across the world especially the Middle East. The once a superpower was at least subtle in the forgotten past in its messing about, like they did to the Palestinian. But the powers that be of the US, have before Trump, thrown this subtlety away. Revealing the monsters, they are, Iran on the other hand despite the “crippling sanctions” have come out a strong regional power. With the aid of Russia, they put order to the chaos that arose in Syria and were powerful elements in the eradication of ISIL/IS/DAESH.

As per the video below comic or not, they shed light in what possibly highlights the ignorance in Trump, in ordering the assassination of Qasem Soleimani.

Furthermore, is his tweet about threatening to strike Iranian Cultural sites is just border line stupidity, as this is a war crime, refer to tweet below.



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