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Amongst the myriads of breaking news today, is the news that the Iranian General Qasem Soleimani was killed in US missile strike near Baghdad airport in Iraq. He was in a convoy travelling with Iraq’s Popular Mobilisation Units (PMU) a movement allegedly backed by Iran.

The reason for the US response, is due to the protest that took place days ago, were Hezbollah supporters and PMU protesters stormed the US embassy. They nearly took over the compound in an event that seemed to play out like a repeat of the Benghazi fiasco of 2012. However, US Marines backed by helicopters were sent in swiftly to rescue and control the situations. With the protesters being pushed back.



However, with the death of General Qasem, President Trump has shown to back up his strong posturing that is usually backed up by his mouth, with strong actions this time.

General Qasem is accused by the US to be behind many of their headaches in the Middle East and is considered one of the masterminds aiding the Syrian Government in its struggle against radicals in the country with its civil war.

The Quds Force of Iran are an elite unit of the Iran’s Revolutionary Guards; the country’s equivalent of America’s special forces focused on unconventional warfare and intelligence to mention a few. They are also responsible in carrying out operations far from the borders of Iran.

The unfolding events are showing signs that the two countries are closer to war. In something that has become a tit for tat. The US attacked Hezbollah bases in Syria and Iraq; in return they were the protests at the US embassy and the US responded strongly with the assassination of Qasem as per the Pentagon a response under the ‘direction’ of President Trump.

Hopefully things may calm down, but this is no guarantee and pundits, predictors and the like can only observe at current geopolitical mess. Trump has not yet waged a new war, amazing for the US president in comparison to his predecessors. And the sour relationship between the two countries will be his test in seeing if he will start a new war. A war that will be devastating and will, lead the US further into decline as a superpower and may lead the world into a possible world war. A scenario that if it plays out, even the war hawks will become peace makers.

With Turkey’s parliament voting to allow Turkish troops into Libya, to ‘help’ the nation which has been going in a downward spiral since the removal and killing of Colonel Gaddafi. One can only cross their fingers as the world is thrown into further chaos.  



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