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As the heading to this article, “Trimming the Fat” is something companies used to or still do when they want to cut costs. Such as, laying off workers, reducing the work force to save money. This decision is usually taken by companies to shield themselves from losses.

But in the modern day and age, “Trimming the Fat” or cutting costs, does not need to occur when a company is taking losses. In fact, it something that usually forecasts a decline or defeat brewing in the corner. Companies should focus on efficiency, not just cutting costs to save money and profits, or to the detriment of employee morale. The cutting is simply so the company functions smoothly, focusing on productivity and better output. This can be achieved easily now with the many technologies surrounding us. People being able to work home due to the internet, saves time and money. How?  Well if you have some of your staff not at work, saving on how much coffee is consumed for example saves money. The domino effect is that they employee is also more comfortable, and they will be happier; there may be an increase in output due to this.

The issue is the mindset we have is that of the beginning of the 20th Century, although some have applied effectively what has been touched on above, there are still many who are not applying it. People still have a factory assembly line mindset; operation management are still applying methods that are archaic. Are fast moving tech world, is moving so fast that educational institutions have been left behind. You do not need to have meetings, where you all in the same room, meetings can be held remotely. Skype, WhatsApp or video call means you no longer must be in the same space. Meaning that time (and money) spent trying to book office rooms can be used to do other things.

Microsoft reportedly experimented on 4-day work week as reported by Business Insider. And the outcome was a productivity of 40%. Companies their operation management really need to act on the technologies now available, for a happy and productive workplace.



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