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The UGLY Truths and LIES of Tai Chi

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The UGLY Truths and LIES of Tai Chi

Every Sunday Morning, a space close to a beach would have a group of people training. A community Tai Chi class would take place, and one of the surprising things you would see is the shaking legs that occur during this training.

Why would legs shake during Tai Chi?

The UGLY Truths and LIES of Tai Chi

The low squatting postures that they may hold or the emphasis of the legs controlling the up body during the form or drill, causes this effect. And this is a result of tight sinews, with these exercises allowing them to be supple again.

The mind must be applied in order for the excess tension in the body to dissipate to the ground. As most people are unaware that they hold on to excess tension. Once you let this go, you have a better functioning body and mind. The blood flows better and this is where the health aspect of Tai Chi comes about.

The UGLY Truths and LIES of Tai Chi

However, if your sinews are tight, you will feel discomfort, the same way you would feel a little discomfort working out. Or doing any exercise.

Of the many ugly truths of Tai Chi or Taiji Quan is this, that it is tough. After all it is a martial art, and those who practice it authentically will reap the benefits, even if they do not attend to “fight”. Because they practicing properly.

The UGLY Truths and LIES of Tai Chi

Regardless of styles, an understanding of the core principles leads to the same destination. It is the same path. And with daily training, you can see how Yang, Chen, or Wu are all connected. Of course, each type of form puts more emphasis on certain aspects then others. Regardless all meet on the same road.

The UGLY Truths and LIES of Tai Chi

Tai Chi is for combat no different then any other martial arts, another “ugly truth” not accepted. This story that its only a health exercise is a lie. There so much depth in traditional Chinese Martial Arts that if you allow yourself the opportunity to train more, you will see that it is more than martial art as well.

To sum it up in a cliché, it is a way of life.

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The UGLY Truths and LIES of Tai Chi

There is healing and meaning in the movement and having an understanding of the esoteric knowledge surrounding these practices, through practicing it yourself. Gives you the ability to translate it using modern science.

Once you accept that you will need to train the body and the mind when practicing Tai Chi, then this truth is not that ugly, but beautiful.

“The lone wolf does not seek refuge, he is a refuge. He does not seek out the community. He is a community. Now melancholy might settle, and weakness may creep in. So, he seeks advice from the other lone wolves. Regardless, the lone wolf knows better than to blame the external first. Instead in true Daoist nature examines himself first!”Harmonious Fist

Written by Narcisse Sadi, Tudi (student) of Dr Jeff Lan, certified (by the International Health Qigong Federation) 1st Duan Health Qi Gong and certified (by Dr Jeff Lan) 1st Duan Yang Style (Cheng Man Ching lineage) Tai Chi Chuan Instructor.



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