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The Pain of Success: Be A Hero

In our day and age, everybody is speaking about doing what you love, being happy and a there are other buzz words buzzing around about. All in the intent of having a pleasant forever happy existence. And sometimes which is worse, is the thought that this will make you more successful (what ever that means as success like many things in life is relative).

By success I am referring to the material success, more money or fame, as is usually the case. Now, every movement, motion or dynamics that happen, whether its mating, (a pleasurable activity to humans) it requires effort. And where there is effort there is usually pain.

There are stories of people who became wealthy materially or achieved a goal and it ended up costing their health. It led them to a point where they fainted or collapsed. And then from there they start taking it easy, with some questioning themselves is it worth it. By this I am referring to having discipline, sleeping less, putting in crazy hours to achieve something, whatever this may be to the individual.

If your plan is to build something, an empire or make your mark, then you should push yourself; allow yourself to know what your limit is and so you may realise your potential. Then and only then may you rest. Your mind and your body will tell you, the problem with modern society as mentioned in the first paragraph is that modern society is encouraging mediocrity, slowing down individuals from striving in achieving more or realising their potential.

The thing about everybody, even those who are successful, is that few if none reach their full potential. They might be on top of their game (those who are successful) and yet have a few regrets. They could have done that; they could have done this. Nevertheless, they are relatively in a better position then those who do not reach any potential, those who are full of regret. And those who are even worse, the ones who blame other people for their circumstances.

Go out there and push yourselves, ignore that inner voice that tells you to stop when you just start. When you really need rest, your body will tell you. So, sleeping more and etc may be good for your health, but to be great so your progeny or family or society may thrive; to be the hero and be remembered forever. Does not depend on your “health”.



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