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The MIND in Tai Chi and Martial Arts

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The MIND in Tai Chi and Martial Arts

In the book, “The Mind & The Brain, Neuroplasticity and the Power of Mental Force” they talk about how the intangible can influence the tangible.

The MIND in Tai Chi and Martial Arts

In the context of the above, the mind is the intangible, and the tangible is the body. The book talks about how OCD patients of the author Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz were able to change their own neural pathways. By focusing their attentions away from negative behaviours and towards positives one.  

The MIND in Tai Chi and Martial Arts

The power of the mind to change the brain, and what has been known in authentic martial arts for thousands of years is that the mind can change the body.

Not just the brain but the whole body and this has been done through practices such qi gong not necessarily always in the context of martial arts.

It has been known through esoteric practices such as yoga and many more to mention, meditation etc.

The MIND in Tai Chi and Martial Arts

In Tai Chi using the mind instead of “li” brute force is mentioned in Yang Cheng Fu’s 10 essence’s and is known in the classics. It’s emphasised in Tai Chi but this concept is found in other martial arts as well.

When they speak of using softness and not hardness, is example of this concept. If one can use their mind from martial arts perspective, they would be able to take on an opponent who is bigger and larger than them.

Whereas using brute force against an opponent that is physically stronger than you, you are more likely to be defeated.

The MIND in Tai Chi and Martial Arts

So called internal martial arts emphasise using the mind and concepts of using “softness” to conquer hardness are prominent. However, this concept can also be found in martial arts that labelled as external as well.

Ultimately, cultivating the mind is end goal of martial arts some would say, once they have gone beyond self-defence and everything else.

My hypothesis is that standing practice in combination with form work in adherence to the principles may be a quick way for you to begin to understand how to apply the mind in Tai Chi or martial arts.

To add that with the guidance of legitimate teacher, which is unfortunately rare in modern times. But not impossible.

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