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Most propaganda, politic content or ads usually contains incomplete truths or down right lies. Like the US elections of past, where Obama was once portrayed as a Muslim. Nonetheless, Tulsi Gabbard, presidential hopeful had the below video on Twitter.

Here she describes truths, stating “Trump uses 19th and 20th century naked imperialism” using clips in the video which can be googled or verified, where Trump mention’s “we can secure the oil”. The good thing Trump does not hide US imperialism, unlike his predecessors speaking about certain countries having weapons of mass destruction. Trump gets down to it (Trumpian Truth), with his lack of filters he speaks openly about how the oil in Syria is secure and that the US can “partner up” with Exxon Mobil to access this oil. You no longer must ask yourself why the US is in Syria and the allegations that ISIS may be the America’s bastard child is further unveiling itself to be a truth.

To be fair to Trump, it is simply the Neo-cons influencing him. Could a US president dramatically change the country’s foreign policy? Yes, a president can, the objectives may be the same, but Trump has changed US foreign policy. His insult towards his allies and the criticising of NATO. Something that is unprecedented. This has in fact shifted some European countries to warm up even more towards Russia.

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Going back To Tulsi’s video on Twitter it plain and obvious now, why the US is in Syria. In fact, the US military has been used as a tool of American Corporations to execute wars that will benefit these companies. And its all about the profits of these companies, which do not benefit the average American citizen at all. The false needs of security (increasing defence budget) so that the corporations who influence the US government through lobbies, can make profits from taking over a country’s resources.

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